Lucie Somaglino

Service Positionnement, Robotique, Acoustique et Optique (PDG-DFO-SM-PRAO)

Contact par courriel

04 94 30 48 86

Employeur : Ifremer

Site : Toulon

Adresse postale : Centre Méditerranée - Zone Portuaire de Brégaillon - CS20 330 - 83507 La Seyne-sur-Mer Cedex


ORCID orcid icon : 0000-0002-0266-0403



Somaglino Lucie, Mousnier L, Giron A, Urbach W, Tsapis N, Taulier N (2021). In vitro evaluation of polymeric nanoparticles with a fluorine core for drug delivery triggered by focused ultrasound . Colloids And Surfaces B-biointerfaces , 200, 111561 (8p.) . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :


Bassila Rania, Bertet Theo, Somaglino Lucie, Bouhier Marie-Edith, Glotin Herve, Best Paul, Baron Valentin, Noel Claire, Cristini Paul, Fayet Florent, Nicolas Barbara, Mars Jerome, I (2019). ABYSOUND, an end to end system for noise impact measurement of deep sea mining production tools . OCEANS 2019 - Marseille, 2019. ISBN:978-1-7281-1451-4, pp. 1-9 .


Astafyeva K., Somaglino Lucie, Desgranges S., Berti R., Patinote C., Langevin D., Lazeyras F., Salomir R., Polidori A., Contino-Pepin C., Urbach W., Taulier N. (2015). Perfluorocarbon nanodroplets stabilized by fluorinated surfactants: characterization and potentiality as theranostic agents . Journal Of Materials Chemistry B , 3(14), 2892-2907 .


Mestas Jean-Louis, Fowler R. Andrew, Evjen Tove J., Somaglino Lucie, Moussatov Alexei, Ngo Jacqueline, Chesnais Sabrina, Rognvaldsson Sibylla, Fossheim Sigrid L., Nilssen Esben A., Lafon Cyril (2014). Therapeutic efficacy of the combination of doxorubicin-loaded liposomes with inertial cavitation generated by confocal ultrasound in AT2 Dunning rat tumour model . Journal Of Drug Targeting , 22(8), 688-697 .


Lafon Cyril, Somaglino Lucie, Bouchoux Guillaume, Mari Jean Martial, Chesnais Sabrina, Ngo Jacqueline, Mestas Jean-Louis, Fossheim Sigrid L., Nilssen Esben A., Chapelon Jean-Yves (2012). Feasibility study of cavitation-induced liposomal doxorubicin release in an AT2 Dunning rat tumor model . Journal Of Drug Targeting , 20(8), 691-702 .


Somaglino Lucie, Bouchoux Guillaume, Mestas Jean-Louis, Lafon Cyril (2011). Validation of an acoustic cavitation dose with hydroxyl radical production generated by inertial cavitation in pulsed mode: Application to in vitro drug release from liposomes . Ultrasonics Sonochemistry , 18(2), 577-588 .

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