Etienne Henry

CNRS Research Engineer - Mission Officer France-BioImaging

Laboratoire de Microbiologie des Environnements Extrêmes (PDG-REM-BEEP-LMEE)

Contact form

+33 (0)2 98 22 45 26

Employer : CNRS

Site : Brest

Postal address : Centre Bretagne - ZI de la Pointe du Diable - CS 10070 - 29280 Plouzané


ORCID orcid icon : 0000-0002-2547-3467

ResearcherID : J-8118-2014

Research Interests

Development of in lab analysis methods and in situ sensors for the study of the biology and ecology of marine ecosystems through an interdisciplinary approach from microorganisms to megafauna, from molecule to community. These developments support research on the description and dynamics of biological diversity, as well as the adaptation of biological systems to extreme environments.
In situ fluorescence spectroscopy - FRET - Fluorescence anisotropy - Fluorescence microscopy - Cellular imaging - Single molecule imaging - Image / signal / data analysis - Python.


National and international programs

 Mission officer for the research infrastructure France Bio-Imaginig, French Node of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium Euro-BioImaging (EuBI ERIC).
France-BioImaging is a National Infrastructure in Biology and Health (INBS) laureate in 2011 of the national Program “Investissements d’Avenir” (PIA-ANR) in the field of biological imaging. FBI is at the crossroads between molecular and cell biology, biophysics and engineering, mathematics and informatics. This unique coordinated infrastructure gathers several large biological imaging facilities and laboratories specializing in R&D for imaging in 6 local and one transversal Nodes.




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