Nolwenn Callac

Nolwenn Callac

Cadre de recherche en écologie microbienne

Unité Lagons, Ecosystèmes et Aquaculture Durable en Nouvelle-Calédonie (PDG-RBE-LEADNC)

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Employeur : Ifremer

Site : Saint Vincent

Adresse postale : Unité de Saint Vincent - BP 54 - 98812 BOULOUPARIS


ORCID orcid icon : 0000-0002-7578-3455



Callac Nolwenn, Boulo Viviane, Giraud Carolane, Beauvais Maxime, Ansquer Dominique, Ballan Valentine, Maillez Jean-Rene, Wabete Nelly, Pham Dominique (2022). Microbiota of the Rearing Water of Penaeus stylirostris Larvae Influenced by Lagoon Seawater and Specific Key Microbial Lineages of Larval Stage and Survival . Microbiology Spectrum , 10(6), e04241-22 (19p.) . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :
Giraud Carolane, Callac Nolwenn, Boulo Viviane, Lam Jean-Sebastien, Pham Dominique, Selmaoui-Folcher Nazha, Wabete Nelly (2022). The Active Microbiota of the Eggs and the Nauplii of the Pacific Blue Shrimp Litopenaeus stylirostris Partially Shaped by a Potential Vertical Transmission . Frontiers In Microbiology , 13, 886752 (13p.) . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :
Colette Marie, Guentas Linda, Gunkel-Grillon Peggy, Callac Nolwenn, Della Patrona Luc (2022). Is halophyte species growing in the vicinity of the shrimp ponds a promising agri-aquaculture system for shrimp ponds remediation in New Caledonia? Marine Pollution Bulletin , 177, 113563 (13p.) .
Meliani Meriem F, Denis Françoise, Mohamed-Benkada Mustapha, Gabed Noujoud, Caruso Aurore, Callac Nolwenn, Abi-Ayad Sidi-Mohammed E.A. (2022). Characterization of Actinomycetes Strains Isolated from Cheliff Estuary in the North-West of Algeria . Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences , 15(01), 7-14 . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :


Giraud Carolane, Callac Nolwenn, Beauvais Maxime, Mailliez Jean-Rene, Ansquer Dominique, Selmaoui-Folcher Nazha, Pham Dominique, Wabete Nelly, Boulo Viviane (2021). Potential lineage transmission within the active microbiota of the eggs and the nauplii of the shrimp Litopenaeus stylirostris : possible influence of the rearing water and more . Peerj , 9, e12241 (24p.) . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :
Jacquin Justine, Callac Nolwenn, Cheng Jingguang, Giraud Carolane, Gorand Yonko, Denoual Clement, Pujo-Pay Mireille, Conan Pascal, Meistertzheim Anne-Leila, Barbe Valerie, Bruzaud Stéphane, Ghiglione Jean-François (2021). Microbial Diversity and Activity During the Biodegradation in Seawater of Various Substitutes to Conventional Plastic Cotton Swab Sticks . Frontiers In Microbiology , 12, 604395 (15p.) . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :


Oger Philippe M., Callac Nolwenn, Oger-Desfeux Christine, Hughes Sandrine, Gillet Benjamin, Jebbar Mohamed, Godfroy Anne (2017). Complete Genome Sequence of the Hyperthermophilic Piezophilic Archaeon Pyrococcus kukulkanii NCB100 Isolated from the Rebecca’s Roost Hydrothermal Vent in the Guaymas Basin . Microbiology Resource Announcements , 5(7), e01667-16 (2p.) . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :


Callac Nolwenn (2013). Cycles biogéochimiques du Fer et du Soufre dans les systèmes hydrothermaux en contexte sédimentaire du Bassin de Guaymas : traçages isotopiques et interactions micro-organismes/minéraux / Iron and sulfur biogeochemical cycles in sedimentary hydrothermal systems context (Guaymas Basin) : isotopic tracing and interaction microorganism-mineral . PhD Thesis , Université de Bretagne occidentale .

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