Erwan Saulnier

Erwan Saulnier

Postdoctoral Researcher

Laboratoire Technologie Biologie Halieutique (PDG-RBE-HALGO-LTBH)

+33 (0)2 97 87 38 18

Employer : Ifremer

Site : Lorient

Postal address : Station de Lorient - BP 30535 - 8 rue François Toullec - 56105 LORIENT


ORCID orcid icon : 0000-0001-6781-3987

Research Interests

My research focuses on population and community dynamics in coastal and estuarine ecosystems. Much of my work combines field sampling and statistical modeling to better understand spatiotemporal patterns and drivers of demersal fish abundance, and ultimately inform marine conservation and management.

Present position

My current postdoc position at the Fisheries Technology and Biology Lab (Ifremer, Lorient) is part of a French Development Agency-funded project focused on the social and ecological roles of reef passages in coral reef ecosystems, with an emphasis on Fish Spawning Aggregations (FSA) in the Southwest Pacific. Supervised by Dr. Dominique Pelletier, I am analyzing different data sets (UVC, Stereo-DOV, Unbaited Remote Underwater Video) collected on a year-round basis at Kouaré channel (New Caledonia) to examine the dynamics of FSA (species composition, locations, timing, temporal extent) and investigate their potential effects on ecosystem structure and functioning.

Prior to this role, I worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher with Dr. Verena M. Trenkel and other collaborators from the Fisheries Ecology and Modeling Lab (Ifremer, Nantes), studying interspecific synchrony among marine fishes in the Bay of Biscay.

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Saulnier Erwan, Brind'Amour Anik, Tableau Adrien, Rufino Marta, Dauvin Jean‐claude, Luczak Christophe, Le Bris Hervé (2019). Seasonality in coastal macrobenthic biomass and its implications for estimating secondary production using empirical models . Limnology And Oceanography , 64(3), 935-949 . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :

Saulnier Erwan (2019). Estimating macrobenthic production and its consumption for understanding food limitation in coastal nurseries . PhD Thesis , Agrocampus Ouest, UBO .


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