Simon Tanniou

Contact par courriel

Employeur : Ifremer

Site : Nantes

Adresse postale : Centre Atlantique - Rue de l'Ile d'Yeu - BP 21105 - 44311 Nantes Cedex 03




Reignier Oceane, Bormans Myriam, Hervé Fabienne, Robert Elise, Savar Veronique, Tanniou Simon, Amzil Zouher, Noël Cyril, Briand Enora (2024). Spatio-temporal connectivity of a toxic cyanobacterial community and its associated microbiome along a freshwater-marine continuum . Harmful Algae , 134, 102627 (18p.) . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :


Moussavou-Mouity Cyrielle Amour, Ababou Bouchra, Herve Fabienne, Tanniou Simon, Amzil Zouher, Bennouna Asmae (2023). First Characterization of Protoceratium reticulatum (Dinophyceae) from Atlantic coast of Morocco: Growth experiment, molecular identification, and toxicity . Regional Studies In Marine Science , 65, 103110 (12p.) . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :
Sibat Manoella, Mai Tepoerau, Tanniou Simon, Biegala Isabelle, Hess Philipp, Jauffrais Thierry (2023). Seasonal Single-Site Sampling Reveals Large Diversity of Marine Algal Toxins in Coastal Waters and Shellfish of New Caledonia (Southwestern Pacific) . Toxins , 15(11), 642 (16p.) . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :
Harris Constance M., Hintze Luisa, Gaillard Sylvain, Tanniou Simon, Small Hamish, Reece Kimberly S., Tillmann Urban, Krock Bernd, Harris Thomas M. (2023). Mass spectrometric characterization of the seco acid formed by cleavage of the macrolide ring of the algal metabolite goniodomin A . Toxicon , 231, 107159 (17p.) . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :


Challier Lylian, Forget Amélie, Bazin Charlène, Tanniou Simon, Le Doare Justine, Davy Romain, Bernard Hélène, Tripier Raphael, Laes-Huon Agathe, Le Poul Nicolas (2022). An ultrasensitive and highly selective nanomolar electrochemical sensor based on an electrocatalytic Peak Shift Analysis approach for copper trace detection in water. Electrochimica Acta , 434, 141298 (8p.) . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :
Berry Olivier, Hervé Fabienne, Tanniou Simon, Bagot Alizé, Gutierrez Ruth Julianna, Chaigne Maud, Grovel Olivier, Hess Philipp, Briand Enora, Bertrand Samuel (2022). Tracking chemical signals inducing toxin production in the toxic dinoflagellate Prorocentrum lima by the fungus Aspergillus pseudoglaucus . Analytics 2022. September 5 - 8 2022, Nantes, France .

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