Simon Barbot

Simon Barbot


Laboratoire Océan Hauturier et Interactions d'échelles océaniques (PDG-ODE-LOPS-OH)

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+33 (0)2 90 91 55 08

Employer : Ifremer

Site : Brest

Postal address : Centre Bretagne - ZI de la Pointe du Diable - CS 10070 - 29280 Plouzané


ORCID orcid icon : 0000-0002-4405-8015

Research Interests

Tides, internal tides, extrem surges, sediment transport, clustering, frequency domain modeling

Research cruises

OVIDE 2018 R/V Thalassa (North Atlantic)

CalVal Gironde (France)


Ph.D. in 2021: "Realistic internal tides modeling: surface signature, variability and energy budget" ; University of Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier, France.



Barbot, S. (2022). Ocean Clustering Climatology. [Dataset]. Odatis.


Other articles:

Tchilibou, M., Koch-Larrouy, A., Barbot, S., Lyard, F., Morel, Y., Jouanno, J., & Morrow, R. (2022). Internal tides off the amazon shelf during two contrasted seasons: Interactions with background circulation and ssh imprints. Ocean Science ,18, 1591–1618 ;

Barbot, S., Lyard, F., Tchilibou, M., and Carrere, L. (2021). Background stratification impacts on internal tide generation and abyssal propagation in the western equatorial Atlantic and the Bay of Biscay, Ocean Science, 17, 1563–1583,





Barbot Simon, Lagarde Marion, Lyard Florent Henri, Marsaleix Patrick, Lherminier Pascale, Jeandel Catherine (2022). Internal Tides Responsible for Lithogenic Inputs Along the Iberian Continental Slope . Journal Of Geophysical Research-oceans , 127(10), e2022JC018816 (15p.) . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :


Barbot Simon, Petrenko Anne, Maes Christophe (2018). Intermediate water flows in the western South Pacific: as revealed by individual Argo floats trajectories and a model re-analysis . Biogeosciences , 15(13), 4103-4124 . Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :