Maude Jacquot

Maude Jacquot

Researcher in molecular epidemiology

Laboratoire de Génétique et Pathologie des Mollusques Marins (PDG-RBE-SGMM-LGPMM)

+33 (0)5 46 76 26 82

Employer : Ifremer

Site : La Tremblade

Postal address : Station de La Tremblade - Avenue de Mus de Loup - Ronce les Bains - 17390 La Tremblade


ORCID orcid icon : 0000-0001-5945-4689

Research Interests

Infectious diseases are one of the major causes of human and animal morbidity, and they have impacts on the economy, public health, and the environment. By studying the diversity of the pathogens responsible for diseases we can get further insights into their spread and persistence within host communities and among vectors and we may glean valuable information that will aid prevention and control efforts. 

I, therefore, have broad interests in molecular epidemiology and pathogen evolution, phylogeography, spatial and landscape genetics, and disease ecology.

I study evolutionary and epidemiological processes that shape bacterial and/or viral genetic diversity, spanning from studying small-scale transmissions histories and within host and/or vector evolutionary processes (reassortment, recombination and adaptation) to large-scale epidemic processes such as spatial dispersal and demographic variations (phylogeography and phylodynamics).

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